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"How Can Artificial Intelligence Transform Cyber Security Operations?"

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Novaigu is Exploring the possibilities and advantages AI can bring in automating the world of Cyber Security & every other domain beyond.

The problems we are starting to solve:

A Compliance Dilemma

Audit and Language Processing Applications

Compliance isn't a matter restricted to cyber security; it's a universal concern affecting all industries. We are tackling the issue and how a defense AI can significantly contribute to automating and standardizing the following:

  • Establishing Baselines: Creating universal standards remains a significant challenge.

  • Adhering to Rules: Ensuring consistent compliance with both internal and external regulations is a complex task.

  • Enforcement Controls: Implementing robust and responsive enforcement mechanisms is vital but remains a hurdle in many industries.

The Knowledge Bottleneck

Consulting and Advisory Applications

Providing accurate and timely advice relies heavily on the acquisition, retention and the structure of knowledge utilization. The challenges include:

  • Acquiring and consuming Knowledge: The time required to gain and maintain industry specific knowledge is a barrier, slowing down processes and decision-making, we often rely on expensive resources with decades of experience, but what happens when the resources are lost? do we start the search again?

  • Knowledge Retention and Utilization: Storing and accessing large volumes of information is a persistent challenge in the consulting landscape.

The Inconsistency Problem

Risk Mitigation Applications

Managing risks is not merely about identifying potential hazards but also involves taking a strategic approach to minimize their impact reputationally, financially and environmentally. Problems we are trying to solve:

  • Redundancy: Unnecessary repetition and overlap in processes that can lead to inefficiency.

  • Variation in Results: Uncontrolled variations that results in unreliable and unpredictable outcomes.

  • Inconsistency: Discrepancies in approach and execution that compromises the integrity of risk management practices.


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